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a fic about why brandon flowers loves the hove festival, and why he keeps coming back

gerard way/brandon flowers
~1,700 words
i own nothing but the mac i've been writing this shit on. worlds needs more bflow/gway. just sayin.

a short story about a love affair between brandon flowers and gerard way, the birth of crossfire. a hot summer night on the idyllic hove festival and why brandon keeps coming back there.

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dear livejournal,

on my big brother's birthday, the 22nd of july this year norway experienced its first terror attack. 3:26 pm a 500 kilo bomb went off in downtown oslo, right by our prime minister jens stoltenberg's office. 7 people are so far confirmed dead by this attack, some are still missing, some are severely injured and still fighting for their life. there's a layer of 10 cm splintered glass in the streets. looks like we're taken back in time back to WW2.

we were throwing my brother a surprise party. while putting on makeup and doing my hair, there were reports about shootings on an island not far from our capital city. an hour later, ten people are confirmed dead. the police confirms having arrested a 32-year old male. on this island our ruling labour party held their yearly youth camp, and about 700 teens were attending. we kept drinking throughout the night, and i kept checking in on the news. in the middle of the night/early morning they adjusted the number of fatalities from 10 to at least 80 at utoya (the island), and still counting. for an hour the terrorist had walked systematically on that island to hunt, shoot and kill innocent, aspiring teenagers. people were hiding. the gunman walked steadily around and shot everyone he came over, shot the ones trying to flee. he shot a ten year old boy's father right in front of him. there are RUMOURS he shot and killed two boys that were no more than 7-8 years old (not confirmed by the police).

the utoya attack is the biggest single-man massacre in newer history. so far 86 people, whereas most of them were teenagers, are dead. five people are still missing. many severely injured and fighting for their life.

i'm still trying to take all of this in. it's so surreal that this has happened in the most peaceful country in the world, the home of the nobel's peace prize.

i also just learned the bomber was considering bombing my home town.

the bomber is a white, christian conservative male. think of this next time you consider calling a muslim a terrorist.

i've spent a couple of hours reading this man, anders behring breivik's, manifesto. he spent nearly ten years planning everything, making a 500 kilo bomb, hiding everything from friends and family. the manifesto suggests he was in an international network of people, which is very scary since he in his manifesto listed two places in my home town as possible places to perform terror. and i live in a small town.

all major norwegian tv-channels are all news and have been the last 48 hours.

here's a video from oslo and utoya. with maria mena singing "mitt lille land" ~ roughly translated "my little country/land".

Mitt lille land, et lite sted der en håndfull fred slengt ut blant vidder og fjord.
My little land, a small place where a handful of peace is thrown out among plains and fjords.
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because the world lacks b/g

last night on earth
drabble, girl!g/brian

Genevieve thought Brian might dislike her tits. They’re too small, and despite their size they even sag a little so she’s a little uncomfortable when he takes off her bra. But he cups them with his palms and then he lets out this tiny moan and Gen thinks maybe they’re not so bad after all. At least, Brian doesn’t seem to mind them as he uses what feels like eternity to caress them with his fingers and tongue.

She sulks a little when he buckles up his pants, throws the condom in the trash and kisses her goodbye. There went her virginty and dignity - all for a one nighter with the boy she’s sure to be the love of her life, who hit on her while being ass drunk.

What she doesn’t know yet is that Brian’s been eager to ask her out since they both were freshmen two years ago, and had to drink himself under the table to gather up courage to flirt with her. She doesn’t know Brian had to leave so early because he still has a curfew and a strickt mom. She doesn’t know he’ll spend the night thinking of her and how he feels he messed up everything. She doesn’t know that in a week they’ll be on their first date. And that Brian will visit her every second weekend while she’s in college. In five years he will ask her to marry him, and six months later she will walk up the aisle and give him her "I do". Doesn’t know she will give birth to a healthy baby boy named Julian, and Brian will be there every step of the way; from the day she finds out her period is late and to the day Julian goes off to college. Brian may not be here right now, but he will be there for her for the rest of her life, and when she dies of old age or cancer he will be there and hold her hand.

But Genevieve doesn’t know that yet. So she allows herself to sulk like it’s her last night on earth, while truth being, it’s just the beginning.

sorry for all errors, couldn't bother spell-check.
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fic i REALLY want to happen

i'm gonna leave this open and if you like it PLEASE forward them to any good writer (or write them yourself if you're a good writer)!!! i SO it to happen. as long as it's written by a good writer. no shitty writers like myself to write this, please.

left and right in the dark
preferably NC-17/R. should be AT LEAST 20k. previous/flashback always-a-girl!gerard(genevieve)/brian. gen/bert. frank/mikey kidfic.
gen would have been together with brian for a while, maybe about ten years. they would have been high school sweethearts, sex on prom night and everything. been together since they were 16. and they would have been married (being a giant comic dork, brian would have proposed to her with a rare issue of her favorite comic book, and given her a ring later). brian would be her favorite person in the whole wide world, and gen knew brian really wanted a kid so she quit her birth control pills and surprised him on his birthday. months later she gives birth to their son/daughter (THE KIDS NAME WILL BE JULIAN OR OLIVIA, depending on the gender of the kid the writer wants). brian is a SUPERCUTE DAD and loves his kid and wife sfm it's endearing. he loves when gen draws so he works lots to support their cute lil' family so that gen can spend lots of time with jules/olivia and draw/paint and someday get a gallery show/comic book out. gen loves him sfm and he is HER ONE TRUE LOVE and she cant wait to spend eternity with him. sadly BRIAN DIES. :'((((( in a car/motorbike crash and gen is DEVASTATED and barely holds on and that's all thanks to their lil' kiddo (about 3/4 years when brian passes) who looks so much like his/her daddy B. supporting a kid and herself is harder than she thought and she misses BRIAN SO MUCH IT HURTS AND LETS THEIR KID SLEEP IN THEIR BED AND SHE WONT EVEN WASH BRIANS OLD CLOTHES BECAUSE IT SMELLS LIKE HIM AND HIS SWEAT AND UGH. her BFFL/BROTHER-IN-LAW FRANK IS SUPER SUPPORTIVE. the fic would start AFTER brian's death and gen would work at a bar, doing all the shifts she can because she needs the money, and uncle frank and uncle mikey being super awesome and being babysitters a lot for their nephew/niece jules/olivia. PPL grope waitresses a lot and even if it hurts so fucking much to let ppl touch her BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ARE BRIAN AND SHE ONLY WANTS HIM, she lets them because then she gets lots of tips and maybe she can afford buying their kid a new toy. ABOUT A YEAR after her late hubby's death, bert mccracken comes in, straight from rehab. he always only buys coke (as in the soda). he watches as the ppl grope and touch gen and he thinks she's super hot and he wants to touch her too but he doesn't. because he's become a better person. but he always tips her extra and he can see she expects him to grope her as well BUT HE DOESNT. he comes in twice a week with a rehab friend JEPH to get coke (to prove to himself he can lay off the alcohol). one time the super awesome gay uncle frank comes with jules/olivia because gay uncle MIKEY IS SICK AND HE DOESNT WANT THEIR FAVORITE LITTLE PERSON TO GET SICK TOO, and gen has to leave early and take the kid home. then next time bert is there he asks gen why she does this when she HAS A KID and GETS TOLD TO LAY OFF HER BUSINESS. when the bar is gonna close bert hides in the bathroom and walks out on gen washing the tables and cleaning the place up and he is like, LET ME GET YOU A COFFEE. BUT SHE DOESNT WANT TO BECAUSE SHE CAN TAKE CARE OF HERSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH. but after a few nights BERT CONVINCES HER, and gen realizes bert's not so bad, and they keep going out every now and then for coffee and BERT IS IN LOVE, REALLY SUPER IN LOVE WITH HER. gen tells him about brian after a little while, tells him about their life and how much of an AWESOME BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND/DADDY BRIAN WAS. and gen actually really likes bert BECAUSE HE'S SO UNDERSTANDING, AND SWEET AND FUNNY, but she's so torn because WHAT ABOUT BRIAN, SHE STILL MISSES HIM SO MUCH. but her awesome kid brother and his awesome boyfriend who is also her BFFL tells her BRIAN WOULD WANT HER TO BE HAPPY AND WOULD NOT WANT HER TO BE LIKE THIS. so she gives it a try and bert is REALLY AWESOME WITH THE KID AND THE KID LOVES HIM and SUPER SUPPORTIVE WHEN IT COMES TO BRIAN, and he realizes brian will always have a huge place in gen's heart and ITS OKAY. AND MAYBE THEY WOULD GET A SON/DAUGHTER TOGETHER AND NAME IT UP AFTER BRIAN. AND GEN WOULD BE HAPPPYYYY AND SHE WOULD GO TO BRIAN'S GRAVE (which is full of julian/olivia's drawings) AND TELL HIM ABOUT BERT AND HOW MUCH SHE MISSES HIM, BUT SHE'S OKAY NOW, BERT IS KEEPING HER SANE, AND THEN MAYBE AT THE GRAVE OR IN A DREAM, BRIAN WOULD APPEAR IN FRONT OF HER AND TELL HER HE LOVES HER AND HE WOULD NEVER WANT HER TO BE LONELY IN LIFE AND THE KID NEEDS A DAD BECAUSE HE'S NOT THERE ANYMORE ALTHOUGH HE REALLY WISHES HE WERE. and so gen REALLY ALLOWS HERSELF TO BE HAPPY WITH BERT AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER UNTIL SHE GETS OLD WITH BERT AND DIES AND MEETS BRIAN AGAIN. the end~


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super. dust.

ok, jeg tror jeg må rette på noen fakta.

jeg har selvinnsikt nok til å innse at jeg kan være pessimistisk og negativ til tider (som alle andre), og ja, til og med langsint når noen har gjort noe som virkelig får meg til å se rødt. men jeg er ikke dum, eller full av hat. dersom noen jeg har falt litt uttafor med, hatt en krangel med, virkelig faktisk TROR at mitt liv består av å gå rundt å hate dem, tar de oppriktig feil. dere eier ikke hjernen min, dere er ikke i tankene mine 24/7, men skulle noe kanskje minne meg på hva som irriterer meg med dere, ja, da kan det faktisk hende jeg kjenner det koke i topplokket i fem minutter. eller som nå, at noe irriterte meg såpass mye at det rant over og at jeg måtte skrive om det på lj. suck it up.

dette til tross, er jeg faktisk ikke naiv, jeg snakker ikke i munn på folk og hever stemmen min for å fortelle noe selv om vennene mine forteller meg noe, jeg føler ikke at jeg må brife med at jeg har havnet i tre fantastiske "~gjenger" på henholdsvis ca. 12/6/10 stk (jeg vet jeg har venner og jeg føler ikke noe behov for å say it out loud for å minne folk på det eller overbevise meg selv), ikke omtaler jeg folk som "mine" (utenom mari, du er MIN), jeg eier da faen ikke noen. lol.

forresten har de siste ukene vært fantastiske. forrige helg var jeg på julebord med kaldnes-jentene, i går var jeg på julebord med mamma, gamle dagmammaen min og ei venninne. pappaen min har vært på besøk <3, jeg er snart ferdig med julegavene, det er snart jul, thea kommer på besøk i jula, jeg skal på nyttårsfest med hortens-gutta/jentene. mcr billetter for cardiff og oslo er i boks. med thea i cardiff og mari, marthe, yvonne +++ i oslo. ser for meg at 2011 har potensiale til å bli et jævlig bra år. jeg gleder meg til hove og egentlig så kan hove 2011 bli veldig, veldig interessant. jeg skal definitivt telte med noen som ikke pakker ned pumpa si når det er tydelig at min madrass er helt flat. takk for det.


jiggy. :(

okay, i'm scared, i'm scared. last night it looked like jiggy couldn't open his eye properly, and today he can't close it. it looks like it's about to pop out, and it's dry because he can't close it and i try to wet it once in a while. i called the vet and got an appointment tomorrow. hopefully it's just an eye infection or something. but i'm scared... because that happened to this hamster we had at work and he died after a couple of days... i'm not gonna sleep much today because i'm gonna keep wetting his eye so it doesn't dry out. i hope he'll be okay. god, fuck. i'm at the verge of crying, too. i don't want anything to happen to him. he's my baby.